Face the music.

Music is something which hits you, and you feel no pain. Our band tries to bring such music to life. We are passionate about bringing good music back to the stage.

Our Crew

No one shreds better than Courtney, our lead guitarist. He is known for his intricate rhythm playing and solos.
Donald is our pianist, and he brings about life to our entire band through his music.
Robert, our bass guitarist, brings out the rhythmic and the harmonic foundation to our music.
Our band can never be complete without our drummer ADAN, and he provides a good pulse to the music we play.

Our Story

Our childhood was filled with music, and wherever there was some entertainment, we showed up as a band to entertain the crowd. As we grew up our roads diverged, and we went on our own ways, but the music in us stayed the same.
After a while, we had the chance to come together and play as a band at a local fest. We felt great, and we were able to cherish the same old childish passion we had when we were younger. We decided to stick together and create music for the rest of our lives.

“Our story might be a small one but we are here to make history. We are here to make music which has life in it. All we want to do is have some fun and let our listeners have a good time as they listen to our music”


Our Blog

Identify the Ideal Nootropic Supplements for your Situation

Difference between natural and synthetic nootropics

There is now a massive range of nootropics available which can make the initial prospect of selecting one difficult.

There is no quick fix to this, and you will need to do some research before making your final decision.

So, try to keep up to date with the latest updates and developments in the nootropics industry.

Also, keep in mind what your goals will be.

Your overall and specific goals will determine the best nootropics to take or consider taking.

Each nootropic supplement’s ingredients are different, and they will determine its precise function.

Those nootropics which contain “Ginkgo Biloba” can help attention span, memory, and speed of thought.

This will help you concentrate longer and harder than ever before on your music.

Check each ingredient in whatever nootropic supplement you purchase and what results it produces;

Then consider whether it will help you meet your goals.

Some nootropics are natural, and some nootropics are synthetic.

What is the difference?

Natural nootropics generally deliver more subtle effects while synthetic nootropics tend to result in more extreme effects.


There are natural and synthetic nootropics.

You can learn more about natural nootropics at Nootropics Home include gingko biloba and ginseng.

These natural nootropics improve brain function and health. The nootropics achieve this boost by increasing blood flow and arterial and venal oxygen delivery in the brain.

Naturally, some nootropics are more used than others. Some are more suitable for a wider range of users.

Natural nootropic ingredients including:

  • Alpha GPC
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Huperzine A
  • L-Theanine
  • Vinpocetine

Are currently popular, however…

…others are beginning to gain a foothold.

There is no one-stop solution for everybody as all users will need or want something slightly different.

Future nootropics developments could lead to more breakthroughs

There is a feeling among experts that the current situation in the science of nootropics is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is so much more to discover and refine click here to learn more!

But we currently lack enough data and the tools to make progress. It is an area ripe for future development and discovery.

Already, some scientists are focusing on the epigenome, leaving biochemistry behind.

Learn more about overcoming your fears of taking nootropic supplements here:

The epigenome drives the majority of native biochemistry in the human body, and we now know that life experiences can be recorded in the epigenome.

These experiences are transmitted to future generations.

You are literally reliving some of the experiences of your predecessors.

What is even more exciting is the belief that scientists may one day be able to modify the epigenome.

They could change it so that tomorrow’s nootropics can not just enhance and support human biochemistry but also make lasting changes to the epigenetic code.

Those changes would then drive our biochemistry and be passed down to future generations.

Faith no More- Angel Dust

The band Faith no More is known for many hit song including Epic, Evidence, Ashes to Ashes and other but one album, in particular, had the greatest hits and scored the most- Angel Dust. This album is considered as most influenced by lead singer Mike Patton. They’ve sold more than 600,000 copies of this album, and it remains their biggest success to this day. They also released a deluxe edition on March 2, 2015, featuring additional songs. After The Real Thing’s album success, they’ve continued to push hard and work on their music, upgrading and adding sound effect creating Angel Dust and publishing it as their first release with Slash Records on June 2, 1992.

Their Biggest Success

After touring for a year and a half, The Real Thing had conventional success as Bill Gould stated, after which he stated that being conventional wasn’t exciting anymore. This is why the band took a different approach in creating Angel Dust. And for a band that didn’t want to involve themselves in the mainstream music, they sure did fuse their ways with it with this album. This was a chance for Mike Patton to work on experimenting with his vocal capabilities, and finally, try to fuse pop with the co-existing experimental and alternative metal. Mike Patton wrote the lyrics for most of the songs on this album, including Caffeine. During his 24-hour sleep-deprivation experiment, he did many things in the studio including writing the lyrics for this song and drinking tons of coffee. His band mate stated regarding this even that the only drug that he takes is coffee.

Time and Effort

They took a lot of effort in creating this album, and there is a great documentary that captures the most of their creative process in the studio. Without mentioning that listening to Angel Dust is musically challenging in some cases, it is not hard to mention that their provocative lyrics as well. This is of course due to Mike Patton’s involving in creating the lyrics themselves. He was known to be lyrically aggressive and direct even before he became the lead singer in Faith no More. He doesn’t say or rather doesn’t want to say, what his music should be called. Whether his music is categorized as pop-rock, experimental or alternative metal, he likes to leave this decision to the music critics and his fans.

Mike Patton and Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom is yet another project of Mike Patton, a musical and lyrical madman known for founding and featuring in bands like Faith No More, Fantomas, Lovage, and other less familiar to the public like The Dillinger Escape and Mr. Bungle. Mike Patton was born and raised in California, Eureka where he originally formed Mr. Bungle. Trey Spruance and Trevor Dunn were also co-founders of this experimental band.

What We Know About Him

Mike Patton’s middle name is Alan; he was born on January 27, 1968. He is described as an extremely hard-working musician, and his various music projects prove that he is what the public says he is. Due to his music talent, he found that we couldn’t stop improving vocally, lyrically and musically this is perhaps why his marriage with TitiZuccastosta suffered.

Besides his contribution to music history, he’s been a part of many TV shows, Music and video game projects. He borrowed his voice for the main protagonist of a video game “the Darkness,” although I consider his greatest contribution to the gaming industry to his voice-actin in Left 4 Dead Series. Mike Patton found time in his busy schedule to give voice to male infected, or zombies, in this game.

Voice as an Instrument

He stated that he every musician should consider their voice as another instrument rather than vocal lead. His fascination with instruments should act as inspiration for an artist. By now he must have more than 20 types of instruments in his home studio. There is also a variety of musical contraptions that aren’t considered instruments that include toys for kids and anything really that can produce any sound. And that is the magic behind his music; he can involve different types of sounds in his music project and still make it sound amazing. His talent for music is undeniable, and VVN stated that he is capable of a vocal range of 6 octaves. His biggest success in music career was with Faith no More where he was the lead singer from 1981, replacing Chuck Mosley. Songs like Midlife Crisis, Evidence, and Epic will remain classic. A video game Grand Theft Auto –San Andres had Midlife Crisis in the playlist of radio. Mike Patton is regarded as one of the biggest artists in music history, and that is something that few living artists have to be proud about.

Lilly Goodman’s Lilly and Us

Lilly Goodman a Dominican music star is known for many gospels and Christian music projects starting from 1980’s until now. But one particular album called “Lilly and Us” was more than popular and proved to be one of more successful recording moves in her career. Recorded in collaboration with many artists featuring Henry Crespo, Redimi2, Isabelle and others Lilly and Us album are filled with catchy love themed sounds. This album is perfect for relaxing and spending time with your better half if you love Dominican music. But this album offers more than classical merengue and bachata music to it, it’s a mix of R ‘n’ B and Piano themed music.

Lyrics and Songs

Lyrics are in Spanish and describe love situations that anyone can relate to. And that’s the biggest deal with this album every song has a part in lyrics that can make us fell sympathetic towards this idea. Everyone has or had a great love in their lives and if when you are in the mood to think about that lost relationship or celebrate the existing one you shouldn’t play anything else but this album. Provided that you know Spanish you’ll enjoy even more in soothing symphonies of this great album. Songs like SiempreTu, Abrigo, Como Algodon, La Forma de mi Corazon and Me Has Dado Tu Amor will most certainly bring you to tears, or at least bring some emotions form you.

Lilly Goodman started attending Pharmacy School when she was 17 and worked in the pharmacy industry until she was 19. By the time she finished 19, she had decided to abandon her education and focus on her music career. As she found out with this album, she had more success in music career than in any other. It received positive critics mostly describing her as a hard working Dominican musician that contributes to her country’s history with her music. This one is perfect for Christmas atmosphere to spend time with your family and loved ones in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Steely Dan- Kathy Lied

Steely Dan is a jazz-rock band from 1970’s that was extremely popular due to unique lyrics and catchy sound in their music. The band was founded by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker in 1972. Their biggest attribute is their devotion to music and perfectionism in the recording. Band received many positive critics starting from early 1970’s until late 1980’s. Speaking of their perfectionism, it took them a year to record an album named Gaucho, hiring over 40 studio musicians.

Katy Lied Success

This album is by far their most successful one as they’ve received various positive critics even from the most music-demanding Magazines like The Rolling Stones, Spin, and Bender. Concerning the audio quality of Katy Lied album, we expected nothing less than the quality we’ve heard before. The thing is that it was even better. But it’s not only quality of the sound that makes this album so great it’s everything that woven in between including lyrics, funky beat and of course the irreplaceable voice of Donald Flagen. His voice sounds like a mix of Mike Love from California Girls and Bob Dylan.

There is one thing that bothered me about his vocals in this album, though. I couldn’t help to notice how Donald was obsessed with the accent of every word instead of how he will express himself. So being that style was more important than the expression itself this might be the single biggest mistake they’ve allowed themselves when creating the album. The words are, although harder to get the drift of, witty and almost always intriguing. And that’s where their biggest quality in this album becomes obvious. They can combine these intelligently constructed lyrics criticizing society, drugs and mentioning drugs, love affairs, and crime, with melodic tunes and catchy refrains and verses.
All in all their reached their peak in success with this album proving that they are allowed to carry the tile of musical antiheroes of the seventies. If you are a fan of jazz, rock or funky music with interesting lyrics you shouldn’t miss out on their album Katy Lied.

Pushing Your Band’s Success in the Music Business

band success

Being in a band is not as easy as it looks. The image of a group of friends having fun on stage is appealing and envied by thousands of young people just learning their instruments. In order to succeed in the extremely competitive world of music, however, a band needs to stay on their toes at all times and put in a lot of extra hours aside from their jobs, families, or other hobbies.

To be successful, a band must treat itself like a small business, constantly advertising and finding new ways to gain customers or, in this case, fans.

Starting Out

It is not too difficult to make a name for yourself in your home town. After all, that’s where many of your friends and family are. Unless you live in the very competitive cities of Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago, it should be possible to call in favors to some of your friends in the service industry and possibly get gigs at neighborhood bars which sometimes feature new or local bands a few nights a week.

If you are satisfied with playing a show once a month or once a week as a hobby, great. If your aspirations are higher, however, you will need to think of new ways to get people through the door and larger, higher profile clubs to perform at.

That’s easier said than done. Even if you are the most talented band in town, there is no guarantee you can get any gig you want. There is a very real world of politics and business savvy required to expand your band’s presence, even at home.

Getting started and expanding your band’s presence is very similar to starting a new restaurant. If you opened a new bar or restaurant, would you be satisfied if your friends and family were the only customers night after night? To gain a reputation for a quality experience, you need more customers all the time, a worthy buzz around town, and press.

Contact the local papers. Offer them interviews to outline your ideas on independent music and always plug your appearances, much like an actor on a talk show. Find local filmmakers and offer recordings of your music for use in their films. Keep a slick looking website well updated, get your recordings on digital download sites for free until there is a demand, and make some stickers to put on bar bathroom walls. It won’t necessarily be cheap, but neither is starting a business.

So You’re Established Locally. What Now?

Keep at it. Expand into the regional market, using the techniques you already used locally on a larger scale. Talk to those same bartender friends and find similar venues an hour down the road. Talk to local print and graphics shops to propose a trade. They make you some T-shirts or stickers, and you advertise their company for free, handing out business cards or getting their logo on your vehicle. It sounds farfetched, but it does work sometimes.

When speaking with club owners or possible sponsors, always talk about your band like you are cutting edge and rapidly gaining popularity. If that same restaurant, discussed earlier, wanted investors, would the owner talk about how few customers they had and how discouraging it was?

It may take years, but with a little talent and business sense, your band can be booking shows many nights of the week in your state or region. Keep people updated, however. Your new fans will want to know more about you and the internet is a powerful tool to keep them informed. At this point in time, about three quarters of band business occurs online, from advertising shows to posting event calendars to selling recordings. You still need to show your face though. That’s part of the charismatic presence you want to convey.

Are You Ready to Tour?

If your presence is strong enough regionally, now is the time to branch out. Think of it like a franchising opportunity. Other bands you have impressed will put in a good word for you and the buzz will spread. You can not, however, rest on your laurels and wait for the cash to come rolling in. Fans want more music. With how much time you are now spending on the band combined with the expansion, it will become more and more difficult to hold down a traditional job, precisely at the time when you need some capital to keep the expansion rolling.

Prepare to be poor for a while. Banks don’t offer business loans to musicians who want to drive around the country playing in bars, so the burden falls on your band. In general, except for very rare cases, a band has to tour nationally for a couple years before they get noticed by any agencies or legitimate record labels. Recording costs will fall on the band. Travel expenses will fall on the band. Breaking even on tour will be the goal at this point.

If you’ve played your cards right, you will start to succeed. Still, however, the band will not be lucrative. It is, essentially, like having a minimum wage job. How many writers out there have gotten discouraged by the piles of rejection letters, the constant struggle to get noticed? It’s the same with a band. Labels and booking agencies don’t want you unless you are already making money because they are a business as well. If you are lucky enough to get picked up on contract, money will gradually start trickling in and then it’s all uphill. That is, if you can survive that long on such little wages.

Being in a band is not for everybody. If your goal is making quick money, you should probably find a different line of work. With a little diligence, business sense, and passion, it is possible to succeed in the complex world of musical performance.

The Fate of Vinyl Records in the Digital Age

vinyl records

Listening to “Don’t Stop Believin'” on vinyl or hearing it on an MP3 player is comparable to viewing an original Paul Gauguin painting in a museum to seeing a cheap reprint in a mall. The closer you get to an original work of art the easier it is to appreciate its brilliance, whether its by seeing the brush strokes or hearing the background noise. A re-generation of any work of art, regardless of the medium, will not exact the same emotional response as the original piece. The pops and hum audible on most vinyl records may signify inferior recording technology to some, but to others the imperfections actually conjure a more pristine sound which is virtually unattainable by any modern recording methods.

Analog and Digital Recording

In digital recording a signal is converted into a series of binary numbers. This sequence of numbers then goes through a digital-to-analog converter before the sound is reproduced. Throughout this process the signal is clarified or enhanced in an effort to produce a higher quality sound, causing some data to be lost and other data altered to make up for it. This is why some digital recordings have a stark or harshly crisp sound, especially evident in the higher frequencies like the cymbals, vocals or drums.

With analog recording there is no need to convert the signal to another format, and therefore no data is lost. Vinyl records sound “warm” because the grooves hold more original musical data, and the stylus (needle) vibrates in a way most similar to the sound waves produced when the music was first recorded. When the data recorded on vinyl is amplified through the analog output on a record player it provides the closest reproduction of the original performance.

Vinyl Artwork

A hand held device housing thousands of songs may be more convenient than building shelves on every wall in order to accommodate countless records or CD’s, but lugging around milk crates full of albums does have its rewards.

The incredible artwork displayed on album covers is half the allure to collecting. The cross over between visual art and music is an important artistic medium and no other format provides a better canvas than vinyl album covers. Many artists, old and new, recognize the importance of conserving this art form and often have a hand in cover art. Bands like Aerosmith, Radiohead and Pearl Jam have re-released their catalog on vinyl and helped design the record jacket.

The Changing Music Scene

Music used to come as a package, but those days are fleeting. Sgt. Pepper’s was not a collection of catchy singles cleverly placed amid musical filler, it was a sound experiment with a theme, and the pictures and lyric sheets included were integral in conveying the Beatles artistic state. While there are still bands out there that have a message and utilize the unique aesthetic form of a vinyl record to express it, most are out to capitalize on their short lived popularity by releasing singles via digital downloading.

The problem is not the integrity of bands or the greedy nature of record labels, after all they are simply giving us what we want. The blame for the erosion of any artistic endeavor falls directly on us, the people who take less and less time to appreciate the art and music made available to us.

Tidal Posing as the Ultimate Music Streaming Solution

tidal jay-z

Free, the word that’s choking the music industry to death. With a plethora of free streaming available online – Spotify being today’s biggest name – artists are struggling to get compensated by the hard work they‘re putting into their music. But a current move by one of the industry’s biggest name might just be what these artists need to get their cut out of the music they’re creating.

Tidal to make a splash

To start, what is Tidal? Tidal is an artist-owned music streaming service and the first of its kind. Jay-Z spearheaded the whole thing which started from the hip-hop artist purchasing Aspiro, a Swedish company.

Unlike, Spotify, however, it isn’t free. While Spotify is ad-supported and compensate artists by how much traffic a track or album is generating, Tidal offers two services. First is the Tidal Premium which costs $9.99 a month offering standard sound quality, HD music vids, and curated editorial content. Second is the Tidal HiFi for $19.99 which includes higher sound quality and other extra stuff for those opting for it.

There are numerous big names that are shareholders of Tidal. Coldplay, Rihanna, Beyonce, deadmau5, Daft Punk, Arcade Fire, Kanye West, and Madonna are just some of them.

As the streaming site is directly owned by these artists, they have effectively cut the middle man and thus will take in more profit from their music. The next big move is convincing people to actually pay for Tidal’s services. No easy feat given that there are a lot of free services available out there.

People paying for something free

The fact that Tidal is artist-owned is possibly one of the reasons that Jay-Z and other shareholders might entice people to spend cash on the music streaming site. It may be difficult to believe, but people are willing to pay for music if it means it’ll support their favorite artist.

But why would people pay for something that’s free? Water is already free and yet people are still paying for it, Jay-Z said in his interview with Billboard. And the guy is absolutely right.

Another tact that these artists might take is pulling their music off of Spotify, similar to what Taylor Swift did recently. By making their music available only in Tidal, it might force people to actually head over the site and pay for its services.

And both Tidal Premium and Tidal HiFi are free for the first month allowing music fans to experience it before finally deciding to spend money on it.

It’s still early to determine whether or not Tidal will make a huge impact on the industry or will be buried underneath the weight of Spotify and other free streaming sites like Youtube.

But artists will continue their fight to be rightfully compensated for what they’re creating. To quote Taylor Swift in this regard, “Music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for. It’s my opinion that music should not be free.”

Getting Noticed via Stylized Cover Songs

cover songs

Singer-songwriters often reinvent cover songs to fit their individual styles and to further showcase their musical abilities. For those who are just starting out, it may be a way of exercising their performance skills, exploring their sense of artistry or simply for the sake of fun.

But aspiring musicians who are highly serious about pursuing a career in the business are always encouraged to pick tracks that really establish their range and put an original twist on them to create their own signature.

Distinctive Sound

Style sets one apart from other existing musicians. Singer-songwriters are encouraged to browse through a list of artists and bands that have been their inspiration along the way to see if some of them possess the kind of sound they want to have in their music.

Blending multiple styles into one is a trick today’s artists tend to use, such as Gavin DeGraw, who incorporates a combination of rock, groove and soul both in his originals and chosen covers. Finding a distinctive sound can lead to a wider range of songs that fall within the person’s preference.

Personal Connection

Focus on songs that can be easily related to on a lyrical and melodic level. Picking a track merely because it’s currently on the radio charts may help players gain instant recognition, but unless they can develop an emotional attachment with it, it does nothing to enhance their musicianship.

The main key lies in personal connection. As long as they can feel the song, the audience will see it when they see them perform live. Emotion plays a part in selling music.

Stylizing Creates Originality

The joy of stylizing can be found in rearranging the chosen song in a way that defines the singer’s unique sound but still with respect to the original artist. He or she has the freedom to improvise and tweak melodies anywhere in the song.

Playing around with genre can also be a worthy exercise to help him or her think out of the box. A jazz piece can evolve into a soft rock tune, while pop-R&B can take on the form of a simple acoustic version. It’s up to the musicians to put their own original spin to the song.

Aside from genre crossing, gender bending is also a common approach. Performing songs originally sung by the opposite gender often happen these days, and it works when the right formula is used. Youtube artists like Boyce Avenue have successfully attained fame by playing cover songs online.

Choosing cover songs that blend well with a singer-songwriter’s range and allow opportunities for creativity may appear easy. But if one hasn’t found his or her style yet, keep experimenting with different tunes to see what does or doesn’t work. A vocal coach can help out in identifying himself or herself as a musician. Performers will only get better with experience. In time, they will discover their individuality as artists.

Getting the Most Out of Pro Tools

working with pro tools

In today’s music recording industry, as with most other fields in the current economic climate, budgetary considerations have made their presence felt, with clients demanding the same professional results, delivered in a timely manner, yet still at a cost-effective price line.

Without the luxury of time once afforded by larger budgets, recording engineers and Pro Tools operators are almost required to work in an efficient manner. Working quickly and seamlessly allows the artist to get into a creative headspace without having to wait for the technical staff to be adequately prepared.

Shortcuts for Common Tasks

Pro Tools offers keyboard and mouse shortcuts that can save users time while performing common tasks. The Pro Tools Reference Guide covers the shortcuts in greater depth, but being familiar with some of the more frequently used commands allows the Pro Tools operator to keep the recording session flowing smoothly, instead of spending time hunting through menus and submenus to perform a task.

Some of the more important ones to memorize are Global Key Commands (using the respective keys for Windows/Mac, including Alt/Option plus the action, Alt plus Shift plus the action as well as Control/Command while clicking an item) for Track Functions, List and Parameter Selection, and Controls and Editing Tools.

Markers and Location Points

Cue points, or memory locations are a great way to quickly navigate to different parts of a session. They also remember various track settings, including Show/Hide status, Track Heights, and zoom values. Some people may choose to place Memory Locations whenever they’re at a certain point in the session, but since they’re sorted numerically, taking the time to create cue points while listening to the whole song makes more sense.

Pressing Enter on the Numeric Keypad places a Marker, that can be renamed. One common way to label is Count (for the Countoff), Intro, Verse 1, Chorus 1, etc. If the Memory Locations window is open, simply clicking on the particular Marker located at the session point the user wishes to navigate to accomplishes the task. Cue points can be accessed by pressing Period (.), the number of the location point, then Period (.) again. Once the user is familiar with such tasks, the session will actually move at a quicker pace.

The Number Keypad as a Transport

Using the numeric keypad in Transport Mode, users can access various record, play and, like mentioned earlier, markers and location points. Pressing 7 to turn the Click on/off is useful when at the end of a song, so the Click doesn’t bleed through the open microphones. Operating in QuickPunch mode by pressing 6, Pro Tools operators can punch sections on the fly, popping in and out of record quickly. The basic transport functions are 0 for Play/Stop, 3 for Record enable, 1 for Rewind, 2 for Fast Forward. The location of the numeric keypad and its use as a record enable switch is also more intuitive, hearkening to the days of an actual tape machine and transport.

Improving the Workflow

Since the primary role of the recording engineer is to capture the artist’s performance while remaining transparent, utilizing these 3 quick tips improves the Pro Tools user’s workflow, assuring maximum results with minimal delay. As with anything, however, it is up to the individual user to get comfortable with each task to properly insure optimum results during the next recording session.

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