Music is universal. Whether you’re from the U.S., Japan, Sweden, or anywhere else in the world, you hear that catchy thud thud thuuum and your feet is tapping the floor in no time.

Strange, isn’t it? No lyrics, just the beat – and you’re completely engross.

That’s because music speaks in flow, in rhythm; it doesn’t contain itself in a single language but incorporates all. It invokes passion and desire and sadness and bliss leaving people with close eyes, swaying and nodding.

If you agree with all that’s been said above then welcome, brothers and sisters. Welcome to Croc Music, our small nook in the web.

We here are music enthusiasts – if you haven’t already got that impression. Our content focuses on anything music related. News in the industry, song writers and pop stars, controversy and drama, the science and psychology behind it – we’ll cover it all.

Yes, there are a lot of blogs out there who are already focusing on this niche, who have already established a huge following, so why make another one, right?
Well, the simple answer is we like writing about music. Our passion lies in the magic that it brings to the world and also the darker side of it.

Darker side of music? Is there such a thing? Yes, there is. What about people taking advantage of the music industry, piracy; huge corporations that are dominating the mainstream side, burying deeper the indie scene where independent artists dwell and make incredible contributions? Surely, these topics are worth writing about, yes?

But it isn’t always gloomy over here. We’ll also write about the beauty of music. Inspiring stories that will lift the hearts of fledgling artists. The science that unravels varying tones and tunes. Debunking myths revolving around music such as listening to Mozart will increase an individual’s IQ.

We’ll also travel all over the globe, exploring different forms of music. From indigenous groups to the major cities in the world, discovering how it has evolved in different cities, different culture, different people. How genres came to be and why are there a certain preferences for each city?

We’ll hop in a TARDIS and jump back in time, see what beliefs and ideals Beethoven stood for. What was the inspiration that drove the masters of music into creating some of the world’s most breathtaking symphonies?

All of this we will talk about, with a beer in your hand or a hot mug of coffee steaming before you.

If we deliver on all of this, and you feel that you’ve had a blast reading our articles here, then we ask only one thing, that you return and hang out with us again. Oh, and if it’s not too much trouble, could you kindly share our pieces in the web, as well? We’ll be ecstatic if you do. Anyway, that is all you can expect from us. See you around and let us hear you from our Contact Form.