The band Faith no More is known for many hit song including Epic, Evidence, Ashes to Ashes and other but one album, in particular, had the greatest hits and scored the most- Angel Dust. This album is considered as most influenced by lead singer Mike Patton. They’ve sold more than 600,000 copies of this album, and it remains their biggest success to this day. They also released a deluxe edition on March 2, 2015, featuring additional songs. After The Real Thing’s album success, they’ve continued to push hard and work on their music, upgrading and adding sound effect creating Angel Dust and publishing it as their first release with Slash Records on June 2, 1992.

Their Biggest Success

After touring for a year and a half, The Real Thing had conventional success as Bill Gould stated, after which he stated that being conventional wasn’t exciting anymore. This is why the band took a different approach in creating Angel Dust. And for a band that didn’t want to involve themselves in the mainstream music, they sure did fuse their ways with it with this album. This was a chance for Mike Patton to work on experimenting with his vocal capabilities, and finally, try to fuse pop with the co-existing experimental and alternative metal. Mike Patton wrote the lyrics for most of the songs on this album, including Caffeine. During his 24-hour sleep-deprivation experiment, he did many things in the studio including writing the lyrics for this song and drinking tons of coffee. His band mate stated regarding this even that the only drug that he takes is coffee.

Time and Effort

They took a lot of effort in creating this album, and there is a great documentary that captures the most of their creative process in the studio. Without mentioning that listening to Angel Dust is musically challenging in some cases, it is not hard to mention that their provocative lyrics as well. This is of course due to Mike Patton’s involving in creating the lyrics themselves. He was known to be lyrically aggressive and direct even before he became the lead singer in Faith no More. He doesn’t say or rather doesn’t want to say, what his music should be called. Whether his music is categorized as pop-rock, experimental or alternative metal, he likes to leave this decision to the music critics and his fans.