Lilly Goodman a Dominican music star is known for many gospels and Christian music projects starting from 1980’s until now. But one particular album called “Lilly and Us” was more than popular and proved to be one of more successful recording moves in her career. Recorded in collaboration with many artists featuring Henry Crespo, Redimi2, Isabelle and others Lilly and Us album are filled with catchy love themed sounds. This album is perfect for relaxing and spending time with your better half if you love Dominican music. But this album offers more than classical merengue and bachata music to it, it’s a mix of R ‘n’ B and Piano themed music.

Lyrics and Songs

Lyrics are in Spanish and describe love situations that anyone can relate to. And that’s the biggest deal with this album every song has a part in lyrics that can make us fell sympathetic towards this idea. Everyone has or had a great love in their lives and if when you are in the mood to think about that lost relationship or celebrate the existing one you shouldn’t play anything else but this album. Provided that you know Spanish you’ll enjoy even more in soothing symphonies of this great album. Songs like SiempreTu, Abrigo, Como Algodon, La Forma de mi Corazon and Me Has Dado Tu Amor will most certainly bring you to tears, or at least bring some emotions form you.

Lilly Goodman started attending Pharmacy School when she was 17 and worked in the pharmacy industry until she was 19. By the time she finished 19, she had decided to abandon her education and focus on her music career. As she found out with this album, she had more success in music career than in any other. It received positive critics mostly describing her as a hard working Dominican musician that contributes to her country’s history with her music. This one is perfect for Christmas atmosphere to spend time with your family and loved ones in a warm and cozy atmosphere.