Being a performer is a wonderful experience. The excitement is enticing, and when the time comes for a band to showcase themselves, can be successful, if proper attention is played to the smaller things that might be overlooked when the live concert comes. Aside from an earthquake, mostly everything is preventable.

Is the Band Ready Mechanically?

The band can always make sure that everything is checked out in working order. The PA sound system is ready and all inputs are tested with the microphones. The supply of extra accessories like plug adapters 1/4 inch XLR and RCA The person doing the sound is dependable and has some knowledge how the speaker and audio system work. Don’t forget the duct tape.

After all the hard work the band has put into this, the last thing the members want is a surprise like a bad cable or some dust in the PA head that creates an ungodly squeal coming out of the monitors in the middle of a set. All the band member should be prepared for any simple malfunction with their equipment. Drummers with extra sticks and guitar players with spare guitar strings & picks.

A notice of the band coming out to play at the venue and the kind of music the Band plays, if it’s Indie music or Club and whether it’s original or cover band music. Go the week before hand out demo’s, business cards and have the management or performers make an announcement about the band’s debut.

Get Comfortable on Stage

Get there early and do a sound test. The whole band should be there to mentally prepare for the gig have sheet music and a song list. Everyone can familiarize themselves with surroundings of the venue before getting up on the stage. No band members or the sound man should drink, at least not the first gig. Try and have some friends and family come to give some support. Any recognizable face a player sees from the stage will help.

Ready to Rock?

The band should start with the easiest song, Everyone’s favorite warm-up tune. It’s the song the band can play in their sleep. Communication from the stage to the audience is crucial. If the band has a Front man, better yet. The Band needs to communicate with each other as well as the audience. If someone drifts off in the middle of a song a band mate is going to have to bring him back.

If one person screws up, never stop. That would break the most important rule in playing live. Every artist even the most experience screws up on stage, it’s how the band comes out of it that make them tight. Once the band is in sync and communicating with each other and a live crowd, something magical happens and there is no better feeling in the world.